Hells Gate Geothermal Walk

Hells Gate Student trips and school tours aim to support student learning by providing real-life context within and across learning areas of the national curriculum.

Provider: Hells Gate

Levels Available: 1, 2, 3

Subjects Available: Geography, History, Science, Tourism

The Hells Gate education programs are a unique interactive educational encounter for students of all ages and learning abilities.

Rotorua’s mix of rich culture and strong earth forces provides the backdrop for curriculum based activities covering a spectrum of subjects. Areas of studies include general science, biology, chemistry, social studies, geography and tourism studies.

Hells Gate geothermal reserve is the most active geothermal reserve in New Zealand with unique geothermal features. This provides students with the opportunity to understand processes that have formed today’s landscape, observe the mechanisms of what drives a geothermal field and at the same time take part in hands-on interactive experiences not available anywhere else in New Zealand.

Home to the only accessible mud volcano in a reserve (composite cone), land coral (bacteria growth in extreme environments), the largest hot waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere, flora, fauna, mud pools and clays (hydroscopic muds) and much more Hells Gate provides the imaginative setting to inspire students.

RAMS provided on request at time of booking.

Customised teaching material and coverage available for US 17578, US 17788, US 24728 with more resources to come.

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