Buried Village Museum & Tour

Be inspired by understanding the significance of the contribution made to the birthplace of tourism in New Zealand since tours to the world famous Pink and White Terraces began in 1842. Experience NZ’s most visited archaeological site where stories of tragedy, resilience and heroism are shared of the terrific eruption of Mount Tarawera on the 10th June 1886.

Provider: Buried Village

Levels Available: 1, 2, 3

Subjects Available: Geography, History, Science, Tourism

Activity Description:

  • Discover the award-winning museum displaying stories and artifacts from the archaeological digs of the Te Wairoa settlement buried after the eruption of Mount Tarawera on the 10th June 1886.
  • Walk through the archaeological sites and park-grounds to the Wairere Falls to view vacant remnants of the early European and Maori settlement known as Te Wairoa.
  • View the historical photographs and stories depicting how early European influenced local Iwi in the ways of embracing new agricultural farming and building techniques which transitioned Maori from their traditional ways of living.
  • Experience stories of tragedy, resilience, survival and heroism of the families prior, during and after the tragic event of the three mountains Wahanga, Ruawahia and Tarawera.
  • Engage in the journey to rediscover the ‘8th Wonder of The World’ – The Pink & White & Black Terraces of Rotomahana

RAMS provided on request at time of booking.

Customised teaching material and coverage available for US 17578, US 17788, US 24728 with more resources to come.

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