We are REAL – Rotorua Education Alive!

ROTORUA, where rich culture meets strong earth forces, providing the backdrop to unique curriculum-based interactive experiences for students of all ages.

At Rotorua Education Alive (REAL) our partnered attractions offer student trips and school tours implemented to cater for different subjects across year levels. Student tours can be tailored to suit specific learning objectives – We aim to work with teachers providing real-life examples and hands-on activities to positively impact learning outcomes.

These educational school trips and field studies provide an imaginative setting to inspire students and enrich their classroom learning.

We work with qualified Education Officers and provide the local knowledge to assist with booking educational trips within Rotorua.  Discover how you can access relevant curriculum-linked activities and resources for your students.  Let us assist with your next school outing in Rotorua and bring education to life!

  About REAL

We provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences and facilitate logistics surrounding educational visits to the Rotorua area.

We work with local members and operators to create experiences that bring education to life.

As part of our Educational Experience Services, REAL can…